FAQ’s & Community Guidelines

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    The "iProdoos" Name

    iProdoos is spelled phonetically and pronounced just like “iproduce” (ipro – duce) or  (i’ prəˈdus/)

    Community Guidelines

    We are a creative space for Fans and Creators with a purpose to make great, untold stories come to life.  We serve both Fans and Creative Story Tellers Worldwide, empowering everyone, including the underserved.
    This is not a political or religious platform, so please keep politics or moral judgement out, unless it is directly part of the content being created.

    FAQ's FANS

    Q:  Are you a Social Media platform?
    A:  Yes, we are and the most dynamic yet, given our triple offering of Social Media + CrowdFunding + Streaming on a single platform .

    Q:  Why can’t other crowdfunding platforms allow their users to earn revenue?
    A:  Our teams have arduously developed a unique business model called Fan Backed Media, which works similarly to Crowdfunding, but is legally compliant to make revenue sharing possible to our Fans.

    Q:  Has your model been vetted by legal teams?
    A:  YesThe model has been vetted by four of the top legal firms in the USA, including our General Counsel who has worked for the SEC, to meet all necessary legal requirements.

    Q:  Are you SEC compliant?
    A:  We comply with all laws in the USA, but we are not bound by SEC regulations since our platform is not a financial vehicle per SEC regulations.


    Q:  Who can submit projects?
    A:  Anyone can, so long as they have substantive, previous work(s) to show experience and skills to merit funding from our global fans.  Whether it’s a Film, a Show, a Short, a Documentary, a Trailer, or the like, Creators can submit their package per our guidelines to convey their passion, energy, skills and experience to win Fan’s support to fund the project.

    Q:  Are you like YouTube?
    A:  Not quite.  You can submit projects onto the platform for funding, but you can’t just upload your work for the world to view until it is funded, produced and premiered.  We’re also a Quality, Premium Content platform focused on full length entertainment content.

    Q:  Are you like other crowdfunding platforms?
    A:   Only in that campaigns to fund a Show or Movie can be done on our platform, but the rest is entirely different.  WE bring the fans and generate the campaigns to get iProdoos Creators’ projects funded for them, like a “Done-for-You” model.  Creators with us don’t sweat over the non-creative stuff… they just CREATE what they’re passionate about!  Everyone gets what they want, while Funding Fans and iProdoos Creators alike, actually earn Revenue from all income streams generated by their project(s)… AND, Creators keep ownership of their project in perpetuity!  Creators own their project AND earn unprecedented Revenue from all earnings, including Merchandising, etc.  (Yup, it’s true… you’ll want to read that again).

    Q:  What are the project requirements?
    A:  All requirements are accessible once you Sign-up to be an iProdoos Creator for free.

    Q:  What does it cost to Sign-up?
    A:  FREE.  It costs nothing to become a Fan and/or a Creator to Fund, Create AND EARN REVENUE.

    Q:  Do we really own our content.
    A:  Yes you do. There is an windowing release schedule and once that is complete you may take your content to other distributors.


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